Sourcing Bespoke Lighting Products from the Far East

Purchasing Assistance

So you’re on the internet searching for manufacturers in the Far-East and China, and you find a few that might be suitable. What next?

  • How do you select the right manufacturer?
  • How would you manage the purchase process?
  • What about the quality of products?
  • How would you arrange delivery?
  • What would you do if the products were faulty?

Bespoke Lighting Products Far East

Link Global ~ Experienced in Importing

Link Global can provide comprehensive assistance to assist your purchase. We have years of importing experience and our experienced quality inspection teams are based in China.

Why not use us for all your purchase requirements?

If you use Link Global to help with your purchase, why not let us assist with the complete process, right up to the delivery of your products to your door?

Purchasing Assistance

Purchase Order Preparation

Link Global can assist in the preparation of purchase orders and draft the purchasing contract with detailed terms and conditions such as delivery terms, payment terms, etc.

Production Supervision

Link Global can arrange for experienced staff to provide on site checks pre-production and during production, ensuring the production process is on time.

Quality Inspection

Link Global can arrange qualified QC team to do the quality inspection after production and rectify any faults before delivery.

Shipping and Customs

Link Global can recommend the best shipping agents to clients and help to arrange booking and collection of goods from manufacturer, then deal with customs clearance, and then arrange the delivery of products to your door.

After Sale Service

Link Global will offer best help to clients if they need any technical support after receiving the products, and also provide quick response and solutions to any quality issues if they may encounter.

Link Global also has its own legal team in China which could help to deal with manufacturers if any legal dispute occurs.