Bespoke Lighting Sourcing and Innovation

Link Global Services Ltd is a bespoke sourcing agent which specialise in sourcing innovative lighting products from direct manufacturers, and can help clients to develop new products through many years industry experience and extensive manufacturer network.

We aim to establish a trusted link between customers and direct manufacturers, and which enable them to communicate with each other easier and more effectively.

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Connecting Manufacturers and Clients

We act as a bridge which links between customers and manufacturers, and would make the transactions between them more smoothly.

Through our dedicated services, we could help our clients to stand out from competition and also help manufacturer to promote their products to the right type of customer.

The reason why we set up our company is that we found that frequently small and medium business either needs to pay for very high cost to get the right products or are very difficult to find the right manufacturer to make the right products for them because they are short of manufacturers’ network.

On the other hand, lots of small and medium manufacturers although have new and innovative products, but they can not target the right type of customers and promote their brand to overseas market because they are short of marketing channel.