Sourcing Bespoke Lighting Products from the Far East

New Product Development

So, you’ve had that lightbulb moment and you’re not sure where to go next? At Link Global we source manufacturers on your behalf that we know can turn your ideas into workable products.

You will need a manufacturer with experience and knowledge in your chosen lighting market. We know each of those manufacturers and can shortlist them on your behalf.

Bespoke Lighting Products Far East

Developing Your New Lighting Product in Asia and the Far East

Your new product could be just an idea, a new concept or design. It could be a drawing, or a working model. How you proceed is a dilemma, how much it will cost is probably an unknown.

We can take tour concept and provide you with market research on the manufacturers that are experienced in your required field. We will assess the market and obtain sample product quotations and a production proposal. All samples can be tested and, subject to approval, manufactured.

Progressing Your Concept


Clients submit ideas, concepts or designs.


Link Global provide market research on potential manufacturers.


Manufacturers are contacted and shortlisted.


Link Global obtain a production proposal and estimate of costs.


Clients evaluate the production proposal and cost estimate.


Manufacturers produce samples for the client.


Clients test and approve samples.


Link Global will pass the manufacturer’s contact details to Clients.


Clients can either deal with the manufacturer directly, or Link Global can provide purchase assistance.