Sourcing Bespoke Lighting Products from the Far East

Bespoke Lighting Product Sourcing

Sourcing bespoke lighting manufacturers isn’t always easy. Getting a lighting product manufactured at an affordable price is harder still. At Link Global we are able to identify and source manufacturers in Asia and the Far-East that meet your criteria for product quality and price.

Bespoke Lighting Products Far East

Sourcing Bespoke Lighting Products in Asia and the Far East

Are you having difficulty in finding the right lighting supplier to produce your lighting products according to specific requirements such as colour, size, functions, etc. Link Global offer a full manufacturer sourcing service, ensuring you get the quality of lighting product you want, at a price you can afford.

Our vast selection of manufacturers enables us to choose your supplier based on a complete range of criteria; size production in variable lengths, widths, height, and 3D shape; colour production in variable cables or tube colours, and variable LED colour (colour temperature); bespoke functions in production such as static, flashing, chasing, colour changing, etc.

With bespoke lighting production you can differentiate your products from others, making it easier to promote your brand image. Read the procedure below and join our Link Global partnership.

Bespoke Sourcing


Clients submit detailed bespoke lighting product information and target prices.


Link Global contact known manufacturers to assess the possibility of bespoke production.


Manufacturers offer bespoke solutions and quotations.


Link Global pass the shortlisted quotations to Clients.


Clients confirm preferred manufacturer, Link Global requests product samples.


Clients approve the sample and place order. Link Global will then pass the manufacturer contact details to Clients.


Clients can either deal with the manufacturer directly, or Link Global can provide purchase assistance.