Sourcing Lighting Products from the Far East

Standard Product Sourcing

Are you looking to source new products from as far afield as Asia and the Far-East? Would you know where to start?

Link Global Services provide exactly that service, all we need to know is exactly what you want. You provide the exact specifications for your desired product and we’ll get it for you! Exactly!

Lighting Products Far East

Sourcing Products in Asia and the Far East

With the rise in quality production in the Far-East it’s becoming more important than ever to source high-end products at affordable prices to. It’s all about being competitive, but where do you start?

Link Global Services have vast experience in sourcing excellent quality products from a plethora of suppliers in Asia and the Far East. Our agents travel the region all year, speaking to manufacturers, negotiating orders and prices. Our experience and reputation allows us to identify the market leaders for quality and price for your selected sector.

Don’t just take our word for it, follow the process below and join our growing number of clients that recognise the value of quality product sourcing,

The Process


Clients submit detailed product information and target prices.


Link Global search the relevant manufacturers and shortlist them.


Link Global obtain quotations from manufacturers and assess them.


Link Global pass the shortlisted quotations to Clients.


Clients confirm preferred manufacturer, Link Global requests product samples.


Clients approve the sample and place order. Link Global will then pass the manufacturer contact details to Clients.


Clients can either deal with the manufacturer directly, or Link Global can provide purchase assistance.